Plasterboard & Plaster Repairs
Damaged plaster or plaster board often has the effect of looking like the problem is harder to fix than it actually is.

Holes in your plaster can be usually patched with a quick skim over the affected area and can be ready to paint within a couple of days.

If there is a hole in your plaster board, depending on the size, this can be a little trickier but just involves a couple more steps before that final skim over.

In some rooms, plaster comes away from the external wall. This can only be fixed by knocking off the plaster from the affected area and reapplying the damaged coat(s), this does sound drastic but its only half a days work and the usual drying time.

If you are re-decorating a room but the walls are lumpy and bumpy, a touch up of the plaster and a good sand down will give you a much better finish to your room in no time at all.

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